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Have a look for some changes at our live-dates and....don't forget watch out for great news in a few days!  

The pictures taken fromFolk-Metal/Rock-Batle are online!


There are new pictures from Montabaur and "The Witching Hour" Festival.


The pictures taken fromFolk-Metal/Rock-Batle are online!


The pictures taken from Mittelalterrock-Festival in Bergneustadt are online!


Watch out for new live dates in december!! <<live>>


There are new pictures from "Die Burg bebt" in Hunolstein. Have a look: <<pics>>.

IMPORTANT: If you tried to send us something, wrote an email and got no response or tried to call us - please try again. We haven't been available for a few days.


Schattenleben's song "Schattengedanken" will appear on the Sampler from "Astan Magazin". You can get it for only 4 Euro since 07-15-02.

Band of the week: Gallery presents Schattenleben as "Band of the week". Visit their page:

At October, 4th you can see Schattenleben and The Count in Duesseldorf, Haus Spilles. 


Simone says thank you!! Volker Koch, bagpipe-maker from Wuppertal, gave a shawm to her!! Convinced by the quality of their instruments and their knowledge, we recommend his shop to everybody looking for a bagpipe or accesoires. More about Kappel & Koch by <<click>>

The online-Mag Yabbas published an interview with Schattenleben. You can read it here: YABBAS


The new date for the gig in "Valhalla" is fixed: Nov. 14th. Have a look at <<live>>.

Now, you can also see some Schattenleben-pictures  made at Gallery-CD-Releaseparty. <<pics>>


1.: There's a change at <<live>>: The gig in Gummersbach "Valhalla" at May, 23rd will be changed. A new 
     date will  be fixed in a few days.

2.: Yesterday, we've been to Leinfelden/Stuttgart to play at the <<Gallery>>-CD-Releayparty. There were 65 
     Bands that played each one song (Gallery of course played a whole concert). You could hear "Prologue/The 
     Legend of King Arthur" by Schattenleben. It was a very great thing and we want to say thank you to 
     gallery and all people who had organisated that party! 


Today the english Schattenleben-site goes online!!