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The Band "Schattenleben" was  created  in March 1998 by Simone Schmidt and Christian Pfrogner.

Name: Christian Pfrogner

vocals, drums

Day of birth: April, 28th 1974

A set with classical rock instruments joined with sphericalally synth-sounds and classical sounds and using bagpipe 

and shawm shapes the stile of "Schattenleben". Contrasting male and female voices taht sing about fear, and human

 problems complete the music.

Name: Simone Schmidt

Instruments: vocals, synths, shwam, 

Day of birth: August, 31st 1974

Music is never easy to describe, so risk an ear in "Schattenleben"!;-))

Name: Andreas Konitzer

Instruments bagpipes, synths

Geboren am:  March, 11th 1968

Schattenleben played in some clubs at the enviroment and also took part at bigger festivals, i.e. 9. 

Wave-Gotic-Treffen Leipzig (Schattenleben was there also filmed for  "Schwarze Pfingsten" ), at the 

"Drachenfeuernacht-Festival on Burg Rabenstein in Chemnitz and in Leuna with The Inchtabokatables and Schock. 

Name: Sebastian Leonhardt

Instruments: guitar

Day of Brith: October, 10th 1970

You want Schattenleben to play at your festival? No problem!

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Name: Massimo Giannini

Instrument: bass

Day of birth: July, 11th 1973

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