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27.06.3:            Feuertanz, Wuppertal Waldbühne
                           with In Extremo, Schandmaul and further bands

26.07.03:           Morbacher Kirmes 
                           further information coming soon

02.08.03:           Mülheimer Burgfolk Festival 
with  Schandmaul, Corvus Corax, Claymore, The Shanes u.a.
                            16/18 Euro 
further information coming soon

20.09.03:           Wuppertal/Outback 
                           with  Sorrowsend and D.I.P
                           Eintritt: 6 Euro VVK, 7 Euro AK

21.09.03:           Shadow/Leverkusen 
                           with  D.I.P
                          weitere Infos folgen


-more gigs are planned-

Send us an email with locations where you want to see Schattenleben! If we really can play there, the first one suggestor gets 2 tieckts for free!!